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Throughout history, we have gazed at the heavens with awe and wonder. Our destiny is to explore, and space is still one of the great unknown's. Exploring space is challenging, requiring the sharpest minds and the latest technology in order to have any chance at success.

Manned and unmanned spaceflight has been a source of pride and competition between nations, as we better understand our continuing role in space. The Spaceflight America Museum and Science center captures and presents an evolving snapshot of our exploration of space as seen through the world of the scientist, engineer, and space traveler.

The depth of our collection supports a range of exhibitions and visitor experiences. The core of our collection is composed of Space Suits and other space clothing from different countries, including the United States, Soviet/Russian, and China.  The collection includes the design and development of Space Suits made for walking on the moon (Soviet/American) and today’s modern-day Space Suits (American, Russian, and Chinese).  Flight Suits and other clothing worn in space are also part of the collection.

Other artifacts include everything from tools and equipment used in space to unique items tested and used by astronauts on the Space Shuttle.  Apollo, Hubble Space Telescope, and other related and unique artifacts are included.

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