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Certificate in Project Management

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In just twelve weeks, you can learn the Project Management skills you need to confidently work on successful projects! Our program steps you through the basics of Project Management (PM) as well as the exam preparation you need to pass the Project Management Institute PMI® Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM®) examination.

Who Should Attend?  Project team members, project coordinators, project analysts, project leaders, project sponsors, stakeholders, and others who want to learn project management. 

Certificate Details

Credit - 26 PDUs, 3 CEUs, 5 Credits

Tuition - $870 USD

Duration - This program includes three courses: MGMT001 CAPM Exam Registration, MGMT260 Fundamentals of Project Management and MGMT320 CAPM Test Preparation.


This is an online (web-based) program.  Students can start MGMT001 as soon as your registration has been approved, and tuition is paid.  Access instructions will be provided at that time.  You need to set aside 12-16 hours each week to successfully complete this course. This is a very effective way to prepare for the extremely difficult CAPM certification exam.  Make the best use of your study time to be successful with passing the CAPM exam.  Use the tools and techniques you learned while studying for the CAPM exam to improve your abilities to do project management.

This program requires a commitment to study weekly throughout the program.   It takes a minimum of 12 weeks to complete the entire program.  Students are given a maximum of 24 weeks to complete the program. Please refer to the WSI Institute’s Policies and procedures for course extensions.  Please Note:  If you are audited by PMI, an automatic no-cost extension will be granted.  If this occurs, please contact your instructor immediately.

Program Study Kit

Once you have completed MGMT001, we send you the Program Study Kit which includes “Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide) - Fourth Edition”, PM Knowledge Deck, study materials, and a calculator.  All other material needed to complete the Certificate in Project Management is available on-line.  You are given all the tools you need to prepare for and successfully complete the exam.  Students are also given a 1-year membership in Program Management International (PMI). In addition, students get to take a practice CAPM Exam.


We guarantee that you will pass the CAPM test the very first time!  If you do not pass, we will pay for 50% of one re-test (up to $150 USD), if completed within 30 days of the first attempt and the student successfully completes the remedial instruction provided by the instructor.  This guarantee is only valid if you take the initial exam within 14 days of completing the program.  No guarantee extensions will be granted.


1.      MGMT001 CAPM Exam Registration (1 week) 0 PDUs, 0 CEUs1, 0 Credits

After registering for the Certificate in Project Management (CAPM) Program, complete the PMI CAPM Exam Eligibility Application Online, and receive your eligibility number.  Go to for more information.  Complete CAPM registration information is also included in the CAPM Handbook available on the course website.  Schedule your CAPM exam to coincide with your completion of the next 2 courses in the series, MGMT260 and MGMT320.  Once your CAPM application is accepted by PMI, and your exam is scheduled, send a copy of your acceptance letter and your exam confirmation with the date scheduled to the Registrar’s Office.  Please Note:  If you are audited by PMI, an automatic no-cost extension will be granted.  If this occurs, please contact the Registrar’s Office and notify your instructor immediately.

2.   MGMT260 Fundamentals of Project Management (CAPM) (8 weeks)  16 PDUs, 1.5 CEUs, or 4 Credits2

After successfully registering for the CAPM exam, you will complete MGMT260.  This introductory course will enable you to: Name the Project Management Process Groups and Knowledge Areas of the PMBOK® Guide – Fourth Edition; explain how to utilize the project management processes in a practical way and enhance how you complete individual projects; and define project management vocabulary as stated in the PMBOK® Guide. 

3.      MGMT320 CAPM Test Preparation (2 weeks)  10 PDUs, 1.5 CEUs, or 1 Credit

This course prepares you for the CAPM Examination.  Focused on exam content from the Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge-Fourth Edition (PMBOK® Guide) and other sources, you'll gain the essential preparation needed to pass the CAPM exam.

4.      MGMT011 CAPM Certification Exam - 0 CR, 0 PDUs, 0 CEUs

Take PMI®'s CAPM® certification exam within 7 days of the completion of MGMT320. Please provide the Registrar's Office with a copy of your CAPM Certificate within 21 days of completion of your program. 

1 MGMT001 and MGMT011 are non-credit courses. Students will receive a Satisfactory (S) grade upon completion of each course

2 Students must select credit/non-credit during registration. This is a one-time decision, which cannot be changed.